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Could Social Media Make or Break Your Real Estate Listing?

In a world of TikTok takeovers, Selling Sunset, influencer marketing, and near-constant online engagement, social media has become a crucial component of real estate marketing. In today’s housing market, demand remains high and supply is low. Because of this, you may think traditional methods of real estate marketing are sufficient. While this can be true, social media has proven to be a hugely worthwhile avenue to pursue when buying or selling a property. Social media can make the difference in lead generation and give your property a competitive edge.

Generate advance buzz for the property

Consumers are scrolling more and more every day and they often begin their real estate search online. A strong social media presence can make a massive impact on both the timeline for selling a property and even in the property’s purchase price. In my work as a real estate attorney, I’ve found that agents who utilize social media to promote properties create more excitement and interest even before a property is listed on the multiple listing services (MLS) database. In the same way quality photos are instrumental in showcasing a property, a strategic social media campaign can generate buzz and help you reach a wider audience. An effective and well-timed social media campaign has the power to increase demand and boost the reputation of the property – giving the seller more leverage in the transaction. The hallmarks of a strong social media presence in real estate marketing are engaging captions, polished photo and video materials, and easily accessible information.

See what’s out there first

For buying, social media does not need to be as pointedly strategic because it is simply another medium to explore your options. By seeing what other agents, attorneys, and sellers are doing on social media, you may be able to get a better sense of the property and its selling points. Browsing on social media may expose you to properties or wishlist items you would not have been aware of otherwise.

As a buyer, it’s important to keep a balanced perception of social media marketing. On the one hand, a powerful social media presence can indicate the quality and professionalism of the seller and their team, as well as the character of the property itself. But on the other hand, it is good to remember that social media is curated, and therefore, may not show the whole picture. While social media is a great starting point, it is always best to see a property in person, and a great real estate agent knows that.

What platform(s) should I use?

You aren’t alone if you feel a bit lost when deciding what social media platforms to utilize for selling or purchasing a property. Whether you use social media for personal or professional use, there is a lot of noise in the digital sphere of marketing. I always recommend taking the time to determine your audience. Your audience will be the primary indicator of what platforms you should use.

  • Are you looking for a trendy, youthful property? Or are you looking to market your home to millennials and Gen Z? TikTok or Instagram may be the best choice to reach this target audience.
  • Are you selling a family home in a suburban area or looking for something similar? In that case, Facebook may be a great option.
  • Are you looking for an office space or something a bit different? Then it may be worth exploring LinkedIn or X/Twitter.

It’s worthwhile to strategize the platform and audience best suited to your property, but generally, I would say the ideal platforms for real estate social media marketing are Facebook and Instagram. These platforms have the widest reach, and by being primarily photo and video-based, are great for showing off your property.

Leverage expert guidance

As an attorney who is tuned into social media and its constantly emerging trends, I know the importance of generating relevant and engaging social media content. I prioritize using social media for my own marketing to clients, as well as providing helpful tips to buyers and sellers. It is imperative that you hire an agent that is experienced in social media to get as many eyes on your property as possible. And on the flip side, social media can be a great tool for buying as well. If you want social media to be a core strategy in buying or selling your property, or would like to learn more about the market be sure to follow me on Instagram or LinkedIn. Reach out here!

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