Business Law and Transactions

Small and closely held business owners face many difficult decisions as they develop a business model, establish their business entity, grow their business and form relationships with suppliers, customers, employees and service providers. These issues range from choice of entity, entity formation, asset protection, licensing and other agreements.

At Ligris, we have represented individuals and small businesses in the sale, acquisition and financing of many small business ventures. The firm has acted as counsel and continues to advise restaurants, gas stations, retailers, printers, and other small businesses on a variety of topics and matters.

As part of our services, our attorneys will:

  • Advise on appropriate type of business entity
  • Develop and file organizational documents, such as articles of organization and partnership agreements
  • Represent the buyer or seller of a small business or its assets
  • Represent a business in local licensing, zoning or other regulatory matters
  • Advise on and create agreements governing key relationships with suppliers, customers and strategic partners