Banks & Lenders

Ligris is approved to conduct closings for some of the largest national lenders and most dynamic local mortgage brokers. Lenders count on us for smooth transactions and adherence to the much more stringent documentation and security standards that have evolved in recent years. This is especially important as lenders are now legally responsible for the actions and practices of third party service providers utilized in a transaction.

At Ligris, we have closely monitored the implementation of these rules and have proactively stayed ahead of the curve. We have adopted state-of-the-art measures to be compliant with CFPB standards and regulations and ALTA best practices. This means not just using the proper forms and safeguarding client data, but also maintaining detailed written policies consistent with all applicable rules. We are fully prepared for any vetting or assessment that may be necessary.

Our team has several attorneys and operations personnel with backgrounds at large banks and mortgage companies. We speak your language, recognize your challenges and understand your needs – because we’ve been there.

We know that a closing is the final reflection of the transactional experience. As a lender you can work with Ligris confident that your interests are protected and your customers will be treated well.