Real Estate Brokers

At Ligris, we respect and understand the critical role real estate salespeople and brokers play in purchase and sale transactions, and we do everything we can to support your efforts. We treat your clients with the personal care and attention they deserve and expect.

We know you have referral options and we value the trust you place in us. Our founder is a former real estate agent in the Greater Boston area – so we understand your needs and expectations better than most firms.

We find that more than anything, buyers and sellers want candid and complete information about what is going on with their transaction, and clear guidance on how to handle confusing or unfamiliar circumstances that may arise. We take the time to explain in clear language what is happening at every stage and keep your clients fully apprised of any unexpected issues or delays. By the same token, we are careful to keep you completely informed too, so that everyone stays on the same page.

When acting as the closing attorney, we are attentive to the interests of all parties to ensure that any title issues are resolved, all funds are collected and disbursed properly, and everyone leaves the table with a clear understanding of the transaction.

We are also your reliable resource for insight on legal topics and concerns – both local and national. Whether you need advice on new regulatory changes, issues impacting our local market, or creative structuring of a deal, count on Ligris for education, training and guidance.