Condominium Law

The decisions made and documents developed in the initial phases of a condominium project affect not only the immediate marketability of units, but also the long-term residential experience of unit owners. Getting it right the first time is essential.

Our team has represented numerous condominium developers in and around Boston – ranging from the conversion of simple two- or three-family homes to large projects involving more than 100 units. We work closely with clients to produce quality condominium documents and remain actively involved in the sale of all units in the project.

Our work often involves ensuring local and state compliance during conversion and interactions with zoning counsel, local boards and regulatory agencies regarding affordable housing issues, zoning situations and other matters.

As part of our services, our attorneys will:

  • Draft and review condominium documents
  • Ensure compliance with local and state regulations during conversion process
  • Work with zoning counsel to prepare for appearances before local boards, committees and regulatory agencies
  • Provide developers with the resources needed to develop, market and sell units
  • Represent condo associations and unit owners in post-conversion legal issues